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From Lisbon

Private Tour Tomar Full day tour Tomar from Lisbon

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Private Tour Itinerary Tomar Templar Route

  • 1 City Tomar

    After leaving Lisbon, we arrive at the City of Tomar - A region occupied by man for a long time, with the beautiful Nabão valley showing traces that go back to the Paleolithic period. The Roman cities of “Nabantia” and “Sellium” once existed on the current site of Tomar . Conquered from the Moors in 1147 by the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques, it was then donated to the Templars in 1159.

  • 2 Convent of Christ Tomar

    The Private visit to Tomar includes a visit to the Convent of Christ. The Convet of Christ in Tomar, belonged to the Templar Order. Founded in 1162 by the Grand Master of the Templars, Dom Gualdim Pais, the Convento de Cristo still preserves memories of these knight monks and the heirs of their office, the Order of Christ, who made this building their headquarters. Heritage of Humanity, classified by UNESCO

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  • 3 Tomar Castle

    The construction of the Tomar Castle began in 1160, by the Templars, as part of a line of defense against Muslim attacks. This objective would be proven in 1190, with an attack by the forces of the Emir of Morocco, in which Tomar not only resisted the siege but also inflicted heavy casualties on them, with one of the doors of the castle being named Porta do Sangue. With the extinction of the order in 1312, King D. Dinis, handed Tomar over to the Order of Christ, of which Infante D. Henrique, who would have resided in this castle, became governor. Classified as a National Monument and World Heritage Site

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  • 4 Almourol Castle

    On the way back to Lisbon we visit the Almourol Castle. The castle of Almourol, is located on a small island that was already inhabited at the time of the Roman occupation of the peninsula, from the 8th century onwards, it was occupied by the Muslims, who will have conquered it from the Visigoths. As part of the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, Almourol was conquered by King Afonso Henriques in 1129, who handed it over to the Order of the Temple. This order is responsible for rebuilding the castle, giving it the characteristics of Templar fortifications.

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