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From Lisbon

Private Tour Arrábida Day Trip from Lisbon

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Arrábida Private Tour itinerary

  • 1 Palmela Castle

    Leaving Lisbonwe start the Arrábida tour at the Pousada Palmela Castle - Within the walled area of the Castle of Palmela, donated by D. Sancho I in the 12th century to the Military Order of Santiago, major works were carried out in the 15th century, particularly in the western sector, where a church and the convent of Santiago were built, where the headquarters of the Order would be located. Later, at the end of the 17th century, a new convent was built. The Convent where the Order of Santiago settled, was built within the walls of the Castle during the reign of King João I.

  • 2 Tile Factory

    After the visit to Castle of Palmela, our Arrábida private Tour continues to the Handmade Tile Factory which maintains the manual manufacturing process, with origins in the 18th century and using the faience technique. Visitors can appreciate the various stages of the manufacturing process, from mocking up, through glazing and ending up with painting. You can also enjoy the experience of painting your own tile. You will be able to follow and see how the Azulejos are made and painted and follow the manufacturing process

  • 3 Visit to Moscatel Wines Producer Estate

    For wine lovers, this is the phase of the arrábida tour most awaited by tourists. Visit to Quinta da Bacalhoa - Considered the most beautiful farm from the first half of the 15th century still existing in Portugal, Quinta da Bacalhôa is a former property of the Portuguese Royal House. Located in Azeitão, the Quinta and the famous Palácio da Bacalhôa constitute an artistic monument of the greatest relevance for the Country

    • Guided Tour by a Quinta professional
    • Tickets are not included in the Tour Price
  • 4 Wine Tasting

    Moscatel is the name given to a group of very sweet grape varieties. Several wines and sparkling wines are produced from Moscatel grapes, always with a sweet characteristic. In general, they accompany desserts very well and, when chilled, are refreshing and also as an aperitif.

    • Visit and Wine Tasting : Extra Cost : 10€ Per Person
  • 5 Serra Arrábida

    The tour to Arrábida then enters the Portuguese paradise, the Serra da Arrábdia. The originality of the landscape is due not only to its natural characteristics but also to the remote humanization of these spaces, which, in general, developed in harmony with the natural environment.
    Portinho da Arrábida - One of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches where the fine white sand and the transparent and luminous waters establish a fantastic contrast with the imposing austerity of the Serra da Arrábida

  • 6 Sesimbra

    Sesimbra clearly has the charm of a land of sea people. A walk through the narrow and steep streets allows us to observe this even through motifs of the sea decorating the houses, the presence of nets and other fishing gear, do not deny us that we are right in the center of a land of fishermen.
    In downtown Sesimbra, there is a pleasant waterfront, with the sea inviting you to take a dip or simply contemplate it. The wide range of restaurants right next to the beach also allows us to taste the best that gastronomy has in store for us. There is certainly fresh fish and seafood on the menu coming straight from the fish market.

  • 6 Cape Espichel

    Cape Espichel is the last place to visit on the Arrábida tour and is located at the southwest end of the Setúbal peninsula, in the municipality of Sesimbra. Dinosaur footprints, a lighthouse, a hermitage, a sanctuary and many legends. This is Cabo Espichel, an enchanted little piece of Portuguese territory literally stuck between the ‘infinity of the sky, the stability of the earth and the dark depths of the sea’*.

Optional Visits

We present below Optional Visits that you can replace or add to the places recommended by us in the Arrábida Private Tour. You must inform us in advance which places you want to visit so that we can program the 8H Tour so that you can calmly visit those places that are of your preference

  • 1 Setubal

    Palacio Queluz Sintra

    In the city center you can see remnants of different civilizations: Phoenician and Roman. That is, the tour begins with a "time travel". It is there that some important sights are located and where life in the city happens, due to the shops, restaurants, services and many accommodation options. Right in the center is Praça de Bocage, named after a famous Portuguese poet.


Terms and Conditions

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The following are examples of circumstances that are not within our control.

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  • Deaths and accidents on the roads
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  • Strikes by Third Parties
  • Impossible to enter the Monuments for reasons beyond Celina Tours

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