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From Lisbon

Private Tour Évora Full day tour Évora from Lisbon

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Évora Private Tour Itinerary

  • 1 Évora

    Departing from Lisbon and arriving in Évora, we begin the Private tour of the City through the center of Évora.
    Évora was conquered from the Moors by Geraldo Without fear in 1166 and during the Middle Ages it was one of the most prosperous cities in the Kingdom, mainly during the Avis Dynasty (1385-1580).
    Due to this event, there is a Praça Geraldo in Évora in Homage to Geraldo.
    It has always been like this since its construction, in 1571/1573. Mandatory passage through Praça do Giraldo. Praça do Giraldo is an icon of tribute to Geraldo Geraldes, the Without Fear, as he conquered Évora from the Moors in 1167

  • 2 Temple of Diana

    On this Private Tour to Evora we visit the Temple of Diana, or, as it is also called, the Roman Temple, a very old building that is still well preserved. The city has several historical monuments and attractions that attract thousands of tourists every year. History tells that the Temple of Diana was built between the 1st and 2nd century AD. as a tribute to Emperor Augustus. The Roman Temple stands at the highest point of the city, and, together with the historic center of the city, was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986.

  • 3 Bones Chapel

    In Évora you cannot fail to Visit the Capela dos Ossos which was built in the 17th century on the initiative of three Franciscan friars whose aim was to convey the message of the transience and fragility of human life. This message is clearly passed on to visitors right at the entrance, through the notice: “We bones that are here, we wait for yours”. It shows, deep down, the macabre taste of the baroque man for necrophilia. The Capela dos Ossos is one of the best-known monuments in Évora, we can perhaps say its ex-libris, and is located in Praça 1º de Maio. It is part of the no less well-known Church of San Francisco. One of the experiences of our Private Tour to Évora not to be missed

    • The guide does not accompany the visit inside the Capela dos Ossos
    • Tickets are not included in the Tour Price
  • 4 Évora Cathedral

    We visit the Cathedral of Évora. Founded in 1186 and consecrated in 1204, the Sé Catedral de Évora, dedicated to Santa Maria, is the largest medieval cathedral in the country, and an incomparable example of transitional Roman-Gothic architecture. A primitive temple built between 1186 and the early years of the 13th century was succeeded by the grandiose monument that exists today, essentially the result of two notable campaigns in the Late Middle Ages.

  • 5 Visit to Évora Wine Farm

    In the distant past, during the end of the 19th century, Évora enjoyed unimaginable prestige, having been recognized as one of the most eye-catching and admired sub-regions of the Alentejo, birthplace of many of the region's most coveted wines. It was necessary to wait until the end of the eighties of the last century to witness the rebirth of Évora, capital and integral part of central Alentejo. The landscape is dominated by brown Mediterranean soils, in a hot and dry landscape that is home to some of the most prestigious wines in the Alentejo. If you're a big wine lover you shouldn't miss this tour to Évora

    • Value of the visit not included in the Value of the Tour
  • 6 Évora Wine Tasting

    After the visit, followed by olive oil and wine tasting aims to challenge the four senses. touch it, watch it, breathe it and taste it.

    • Visit and Wine Tasting : Extra Cost : 25€ Per Person
    • Children under 18: free without proof

Optional Visits

We present below Optional Visits that you can replace or add to the places recommended by us in the Private Tour to Évora. You must inform us in advance which places you want to visit so that we can program the 8H Tour so that you can calmly visit those places that are of your preference

  • 1 Arraiolos

    Palacio Queluz Sintra

    Arraiolos, an Alentejan village that needs no introduction, is located in the heart of Central Alentejo. Extending its houses along the slope of a hill that overlooks a charming rural municipality, its calling cards are the quality of the motifs and the unique point of the Arraiolos carpets, as well as its peculiar circular castle. The history of Arraiolos is long and rich, as many people have passed through here and left their marks. The region shows traces of human presence from ancient times, presumably from the Neolithic, or even the Chalcolithic.

  • 2 Alqueva Dam
    Palacio Nacional Sintra

    It is 60KM from Évora. The Alqueva Dam is a Portuguese arch dam, located on the Guadiana river, in the Alentejo region. The construction of this dam allowed the creation of the largest artificial water reservoir in Western Europe, also called the Great Lake.

  • 3 Medieval Village of Monsaraz
    Moorish castle Sintra

    Monsaraz, The medieval village of the Templars in Alentejo which is a Monument Village of Portugal With mysterious streets in the castle and views of the Alqueva Dam, visiting Monsaraz is a magical experience.


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